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Vegans & Vegetarians Have A Deadly Monster to Deal With

When you make the quantum leap to being conscientious about your food choices, it’s truly one of the most life changing experiences that you can have.  It changes the landscape of how you relate to your body, your family, your community, and your environment. Most vegans and vegetarians take on this honorable lifestyle in respect to their health and to the planet.  The only limitation is that by the very nature of being human, we intrinsically act upon the information that we have available at the time.

In the case of what food most vegans and vegetarians shift over to (in their efforts to detach from animal products), it’s been discovered that this alternative food promotes an equally troubling epidemic if you’re unaware of the harsh consequences…  What this deadly monster is known as is SOY.

In thousands upon thousands of documented studies, processed soy products have been found to be horrifically damaging to the body.  One of the most alarming smoking guns about soy is the tremendous amounts of phytoestrogens that it contains.  These phytoestrogens actually mimic the effects of female hormones in both men and women.  In men it leads to the depression of secondary sex characteristics and infertility.  In women, it leads to a hyper-estrogen condition in the body which directly contributes to estrogen related cancers, tumors, and cysts.

Some of the other important cautions about soy are:

*It’s high in goitrogens which damage the function of the thyroid

*Contains trypsin inhibitors which block the uptake of proteins

*Contains phytic acid which blocks the uptake of many essential minerals (in particular zinc [needed for immunity and sexual health] and iodine [needed for normal thyroid levels])

*Just 2 cups of soy milk daily for one month has been found to have enough estrogen side effects to negatively alter menstrual cycles

*Soy protein powder, soy supplements, and other soy derived products greatly promote the formation of kidney stones

*Nearly 100% of fast foods and over 60% of all processed foods contain soy

*The phytoestrogens found in infant soy formula are 20,000 times higher than what’s contained in birth control pills!

*90 to 95% of soy is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which has been found to cause infertility and sterility in 2nd and 3rd generation offspring

*Soy products have been shown to increase food allergies and digestive intolerance

*Soy protein isolate produces almost TWICE the amount of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) than cow’s milk protein concentrates.  IGF-1 is likely the strongest cancer stimulator that humans consume

This often comes as shocking news to the vegetarian community, as soy was the easy transition from a life that was dependent on meat.  With soy becoming the new default focus, you could still enjoy the same “style” of foods: burgers, cheese, sausage, milk, etc. But the truth of the matter is that most people unknowingly shift to being a junk-food vegetarian, and haven’t really elevated themselves to the place of health and consciousness that they truly want to be.

The argument has typically been that Asian cultures have really thrived on a soy-based diet.  But the real fact of the matter is that these cultures have traditionally eaten a very SMALL amount of soy products, most of which is fermented (which is an entirely different substance altogether), and mostly as a condiment.  This is far from the soy burgers, soy cheese, soy milk, soy protein bars, and soy formulas that are the rave of our society today.

The solution is simple, and it’s actually been here all along.  When you make the shift to eating consciously, then you need to make the shift to living on more LIVE foods.  Instead of processed soy milk that sits on the store shelves for weeks on end, you start making your own fresh almond milk or hemp milk, and get all of the great proteins and essential fats WITHOUT the side effects of commercial processing and denaturation.

The reality of the situation is a liberating one if you look at it properly… You’re going to have to get closer to your food!  You need to take some time in this busy world to get in touch with what’s most important about you… and that is the “stuff” you’re putting in your body.  You really have to own this process, with an awareness that nature has provided so much abundance for you to take advantage of… And with your heightened levels of creativity and talent you receive from the “cleaner” vegetarian lifestyle, you can create some of the most amazing culinary experiences WITHOUT cooking the life-force out of your food.

There are raw food communities, forums, and restaurants opening up all over the place.  You’re not at all alone on the path of seeking optimal health for yourself and your community.  All it takes is awareness of the options existing in the first place… And now you know!

You can check out Matthew Kinney’s book Everyday Raw, for some fantastic recipes to get you started with (and flavor sensations out-of-this world!)  In my book The Key To Quantum Health, I provide you with all of the actual tools you need to really thrive on live foods.  With the requests of my clients and people who’ve attended my live events, I’ve also included some of the most popular recipes, so that you have access to those as well… All simple, and all only requiring the use of a blender or a food processor.

So hopefully this is the final straw in the saga of romancing the soy bean… To put it simply, it’s just not an appropriate human food if it’s used for more than a condiment. The science shows it, and experience shows it.  You CAN live a vegetarian lifestyle successfully, but with such a noble cause you want to ensure that you get as close to nature and natural unprocessed foods as you can.

Please leave your comments below and share your insights on the subject. And be sure to share this info with your friends!


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  1. This is spot on!! I’m vegetarian and I’m saddened by how many of my fellow vegheads have traded meat for a vice that is so detrimental to their health. Ditching meat (in a healthy way) definitely requires a mental shift – a detachment from old norms. If one needs to simulate eating meat after giving up meat, I think a reevaluation of their decision is in order.

    I’ve read that 75% of people who go vegetarian/vegan end up going back to meat after the first 5-7 years. I think those numbers would be much higher if soy products were eliminated. Many people go vegetarian/vegan based on emotion; but neglect to educate themselves on how their food choices will impact their bodies – irrespective of the fact that they are not eating meat and “harming animals” anymore. Some of the worst “foods” on the planet are vegetarian/vegan. I think a lot of folks lose sight of doing what’s best for their health in favor of lessening their karmic load.

    I don’t eat soy. I don’t eat food from a box. I exclusively use local raw honey as a sweetener. I eat eggs because I‘m not a fan of supplementing an essential part of my nutrition (B12) when it is readily available from a whole food source. I find it interesting that the balance of life was created this way. It says to me that we do need to rely on animals for a portion of our nutrition; but eating animals is not essential for our survival. This is how I govern my nutrition; and it has improved my health tremendously.

    Thank you for this perfectly articulated post! Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow, I’m only just discovering about the negative effects of eating soy products & luckily I don’t eat soy burgers, milk or anything like that thankfully but I occasionally eat certified organic tofu, edamame beans (surely these can’t be bad for you?) & cauldron veggie sausages (I will have to take a closer look into theses though!)

    Sites & information like this are so informative & we are definitely being hoodwinked as far as the food industry are concerned but it’s up to us as individuals to make the right informed choices of what we put into our bodies & be healthier for it.

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