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The Key to Quantum Health

The Health & Wellness Revolution is rapidly reaching its tipping point world-wide. The Key To Quantum Health shows you how to intelligently position yourself to receive all of the lucrative benefits in these fast-changing times.  Having the physical body, energy, and mental focus that you want is the result of 2 very deep rooted principles that are absent in most people’s lives…

This landmark book sets you up for a high degree of success by giving you the insider track on these 2 essential principles.

Principle 1 is developing your inner psychology to give you the tools you need to put success on automatic in your life.  By intentionally developing your capacity for achieving remarkable results, you avoid the big pitfall that so many people struggle with in their health and fitness.  You have to consciously create the conditions in your life to make the outcomes that you want INEVITABLE.

Principle 2 is having access to the right resources and action steps that actually make getting into the best shape of your life enjoyable.  You need to get results that are REAL and TANGIBLE, but you also need to leverage those results to encourage yourself to accomplish even more.

Developing the physical body and health that you want are based on VERY SPECIFIC actions and non-actions that commonly go unknown to the public.  But in the age where all information is obtainable, The Key To Quantum Health delivers on finally giving you the leverage you need to take advantage of the resources that are now available to you.

In this book you’ll discover:

*The 3 key elements that you need to look for to get the most energy and stamina from your food (Chapter 3).

*The #1 food in the world for weight loss that so few people are taking advantage of right now (You get to find all about it here! Chapter 14)

*How to AVOID the big pitfall that most people fall into of constantly gaining and losing their results (Chapter 2)

*The 3 critical things to avoid in any food that you eat, that are actually disrupting your genetic expression (Chapter11).

*The #1 key to getting rid of chronic weight and health issues and HOW it actually works (Chapter 12)

*How to RADICALLY increase your energy and stamina everyday (Chapter 3 and 14)

*How to use a powerful daily practice to automatically enhance the quality of your relationships, improve the size and shape of your physique, and radically improve the success in your career (This is a real-game changer! Chapter 7)

*The insider information on 21 of the worlds most powerful superfoods, and how to take advantage of them for the greatest results possible (Chapter 14)

*Exclusive, satisfying recipes and diet plans for permanent weight loss. (Section 3 Bonus)

*Incredible recipes, diet plans, and advanced techniques for gaining lean muscle. (Section 3 Bonus)

*How to end procrastination and achieve greater results RIGHT NOW! (Chapter 15)

*The most important nutrient that you need to enable your body to shed unwanted fat. (Without taking full advantage of this, you are truly fighting a no-win battle.  This is CRITICAL information to have.  Chapter 8 )

*All of this and much more…

After reading the book, you will find that your confidence and personal expertise in creating the body and energy that you want is absolutely unparalleled.  The Key To Quantum Health is a valuable resource that will provide you with the tools you need to enjoy the rest of your years with the body, the health, and the energy that you truly want to have.

This ground breaking book is NOT for people who aren’t serious about getting into the best shape of their life and experiencing the most incredible levels of health and success possible.

This book is designed for the people who are ready to capitalize on the new Health Revolution, and to position themselves to achieve the greatest results possible.  You’ll learn how to reap the benefits of the leading-edge innovations in health and fitness with the tools and strategies detailed for you in The Key To Quantum Health.


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  1. Just wondering if you ship to Australia or where else I could purchase this book from?

  2. Hi Shawn

    I heard your spill well listening to the online Holistic Weight Loss Summit . I purchased your book The Keys To Quantum Health. I am interested in learning more about your approach to weight
    loss and The Fat Loss Code Program. What is the discount price for the program?

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  4. ive been again introdce to the healn health and my occupational therapist has made me and organic smoothie and when i say delicious and refreshen tht it was thts why im on your sight your mom iencourage me to visit and im glad tht i did i will be prchasing your books

  5. The Hong Kong Dietitician Asso. said too much protein, vit. & minerals could damage live & kidneys. Correct? Also, reliable source of Spirulina is crucial because of metals in the water. Are you able to recommend a brand? Are tablets as effective as powder. Thank you.

  6. I feel Shawn has unleashed the true benefits of wellness that can be embraced by anyone at whatever level of the health and wellness journey they may be on or moving towards. -D.Small (Founder of Happy People Only Spa Treatments)

  7. I am proud to say that I just finished reading this book today. I looked forward to reading it each night before bed so that I can fall asleep with positive and motivating thoughts. Shawn Stevenson has had a massive impact on my life with his teachings. I had the privilege of working with him a few years ago and I can honestly say he CHANGED my life. His energy is so positive and powerful that it’s impossible not to be affected by it in some way. He truly lives what he speaks of and is the epitome of his teachings. When I first met him, I was 27 years old, back in college full time, still having no idea what to do with my life. I was so lost. I was smoking cigarettes, eating McDonalds and nasty burgers and hot pockets out of vending machines. My idea of a ‘healthy’ meal was an artichoke sandwich with cheese from Penn Station (that’s a food chain similar to Quiznos), which consisted of a white bread hero bun smothered in butter, with fried up artichoke hearts and melted cheese over it.

    When I started working with Shawn, I just wanted to “get in shape”, lose a few pounds. Little did I know I was about to have a major life transformation. Not only did I lose the pounds I wanted to lose, I also lost all the bad habits (like smoking and fast food and negative attitudes) and a completely new person with a completely new mindset emerged. I began to find the best version of myself.

    Now, four years later, I am a certified personal trainer myself, working at the BEST gym in NY (“The Gym” – Armonk) about to also be certified as a pre/postnatal fitness specialist. I, for the first time in my life, don’t wake up DREADING my day ahead of ‘work’ because I LOVE what I do. I could not imagine this 4 years ago when I first met Shawn. This would not have seemed like a real possibility to me. I would have laughed at you if you told me this is where I’d be in less than 5 years.

    I am so excited about this book because now that I don’t have the chance to see Shawn in person (since I have moved back to NY) I have the ability to use the tools that he has given me whenever I need a refresher. That is exactly what this book is: a tool box. It is a priceless artifact, that if taken seriously, can make serious changes in your life and the life of those around you. The power of food and exercise is REAL. I thank Shawn for his passion and genuine nature in sharing all that he has learned and experienced for himself. He is the true embodiment of his teachings and this book is one of the greatest gifts to our society that we could ever receive.

  8. (In reference to Chapter 2 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants) I can totally relate to shifting the way I understand and relate to food. Every diet I’ve ever attempted was sabotaged by me half way through the process. I always came up with a reason not to continue. Most of the diets were basically the same and each time I would remember how the last one ended and gave up on the new one… I’ve been feeling at the top of my game since I changed my mindset about my nutrition and my health. As a result of creating better health for me and my family I am very passionate about bringing health and wellness to others. I agree with the passage in the book that says,”Passion lights the fire in you and keeps you focused on the manifestation of your particular vision.” This book gives its readers leading edge information to take responsibility for ones own health. The bonus menus are an added plus. These easy steps are a great start to acheiving a new and improved you.


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