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TMHS 294: Meal Prep Tips And Tricks And How To Eat More To Weigh Less – With Guest Amanda Meixner

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or boost endurance, following a consistent nutrition approach is essential. Without proper planning, many of us become easily consumed by our busy schedules and turn to run-of-the-mill restaurants or packaged foods. Consequently, we end up consuming subpar fuel for our bodies.

Achieving one’s health and fitness goals does not happen by chance. It really boils down to creating an actionable plan and following through on it. This is why meal planning can be so powerful. By implementing a weekly meal prep routine you can plan your meals in advance, give your body the proper nutrients, and ultimately reach your goals. (more…)


TMHS 293: Go Slow To Get Fast And Get Fit For Life – With Guest Peter Park

When it comes down to it, performance is a key aspect of everything we do. Whether it’s in our relationships, jobs, or physical fitness, the ability to perform at a high level is what creates incredible results.

Sharpening that ability begins with building a strong foundation. Many people want to jump to achieving an end result, while not realizing the importance of putting in the work and mastering the basics. Physically, this can manifest in a whole host of problems. Without a strong foundation in place, we can develop faulty patterns that negatively affect our movement, posture, and strength. (more…)


TMHS 292: Create A Culture Of Health In Your Family And Why Fitness Is A Launchpad To Success – With Guest Anne Stevenson

No one else can do your push-ups for you. This means that there is always an amount of personal responsibility and action you need to take to be a better version of yourself.

Those are your arms, your lungs, and your chesticles you’re working doing those push-ups. But, in many ways, we share our hearts and minds with others.

Your desire to be better for your kids could be the WHY behind your reps. Your drive to show your community what’s possible could be the WHY behind the choices you make at the dinner table each day. Our relationships drive us…. and they also devastate us. They give us the fuel we need to grow: the good, the bad, and the ugly. But I’m here to share with you today that you can have a lot more of the good, and a lot less of the ugly, if you realize how to approach your relationships with heart, intention, and a willingness to be better yourself. (more…)


TMHS 291: 5 Simple (But Overlooked!) Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Billions of dollars have already been spent on cancer research. But it’s shocking to me how little effort has been invested in teaching our society the basics of cancer prevention.

What if there were SIMPLE lifestyle changes that were clinically proven to reduce your risk of various cancers by over 50 percent? Wouldn’t that justify a couple million dollars in promotion? I think so.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But the money and attention is on the backend… in drugs and other treatments for cancer that have startlingly low long-term success rates. Today I’m advocating that we remove the veil from cancer, and stand up to reduce the rates of cancer even showing up in the first place! (more…)


TMHS 290: Gaining Strength From Adversity & Overcoming Self-Doubt – With Andrea Navedo

What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid? Have you ever held yourself back because you were worried what other people might think? Have you ever rejected an opportunity because you feared rejection or failure?

We all experience fear, but what truly matters is how you direct that fear and ultimately overcome it. Often we see a successful person, but neglect to understand the shortcomings and insecurities they had to push through in order to thrive.

We think that maybe one day we will reach this magical place where our fears dissipate, but that isn’t reality. Our power lies in our ability to break outside of our comfort zone and go after what we want, despite fear. (more…)