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Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts – The Anti-Cancer Superfood

Brazil nuts are quickly becoming one of the hottest foods for improving health and longevity.

Not many foods are able to improve your sexual performance, protect against cancer, and boost your metabolism, but Brazil nuts can!

So what are the specific health benefits of Brazil nuts?

Well, let's start at the very top with the anti-cancer powerhouse selenium.

Brazil nuts are the densest food source of bioavailable selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant that plays many important roles in our body.

Here'a a quick list of selenium benefits

*Selenium assists thyroid function by converting the inactive T4 (thyroid hormone) into the active T3 form. -> Healthy thyroid function = healthy metabolism 

*Selenium's antioxidant properties improve the function of vitamins E and C, which help to decrease the aging of skin.

*Selenium is a potent health food for men because it boosts testosterone levels and improves sperm production and motility.

*Selenium is important for women as a protective against breast cancer. Dr. Ralph Moss presented studies showing that “The higher the selenium, the lower the [rates of] breast cancer”.

*Selenium fortifies the immune system to protect against bacterial and viral infections.

*Selenium enables a healthy cholesterol ratio by helping to raise HDL and lower LDL.

One of the most impressive benefits of selenium I discovered was from a five-year study conducted at the University of Arizona and Cornell University. This data showed that, “patients receiving selenium had a 63% decrease in cancer of the prostate, a 58% decrease in colon or rectal cancer and a 46% decrease in lung cancer.”

This is beyond impressive and, again, the highest source of selenium is found in this incredible Brazil nut.

Brazil nuts can be part of an overall healthy diet plan because they contain rich amounts of other key nutrients as well.

They're a great source of the antioxidant Vitamin E (52% of RDA per 100g) which is required to maintain cell membranes and protect the health of the skin.

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of several B-vitamins, which range in functions from improving brain health to boosting the metabolism.

You'll also find nice amounts of copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc in Brazil nuts too.

Many raw nuts have great health properties, but Brazil nuts are definitely at the very top of the list.

How to many Brazil nuts should I eat?

Just 100g of Brazil nuts provides about 3485% of recommended daily intake of selenium. The 100g is equal to a big handful, but you definitely don't need that much… and too much of ANY thing can be problematic for you.

We have this idea in our society that if some is good, then 10 times more must be better. Yes, brazil nuts and selenium can give you some great health benefits, but trying to overdose on them can actually damage your DNA.

Two to four nuts a day is a nice sweet spot.

Now, whenever I hear about a “new” superfood that seems to have all of these amazing health benefits, my question is: Do the nutrients in the food actually show up in our bodies? Meaning, can the use of these foods show measurable changes in our blood work (or other biomarkers)?

I was pleasantly surprised that the research for Brazil nuts says, YES:

What to know when buying brazil nuts

Because Brazil nuts are mainly protein and healthy fats, they are very much subject to going “rancid” and the delicate oils getting damaged.

The fats of the Brazil nut is where the real magic is at when it comes to the sexual benefits, so it's pretty important to ensure you have a good source.

Many health food stores and grocery stores now carry Brazil nuts because they're in such high demand. Make sure that they are firm and not rubbery when you bite into them, buttery texture when you chew, and be sure that they don't smell “off” (biggest, but hardest to recognize warning sign).

They should be kept in a cool, dry place and eaten relatively quickly. This is why I tend to not recommend buying them from open bulk containers. My favorite source of Brazil nuts is right here: Wild Organic Brazil Nuts

How to eat 'em 

Quality brazil nuts taste pretty nice on their own, or maybe with a pinch of sea salt. It's important to understand that roasted, toasted, roasted, cooked up nuts have the delicate fats within them damaged, and can actually be harmful to your body.

Cooked nuts pale in comparison to the vast benefits of raw nuts. If you want your nuts to be healthy, then please don't cook them 😉

Brazil nuts can be crushed and added to your favorite salad to provide some nice crunch. Toss 1 or 2 into your smoothie. Chopped and sprinkled on top of your favorite healthy dessert or yogurt. And having fresh Brazil nut butter with chocolate is A-MAZING.

Have you had Brazil nuts before, or are you excited to try them? Leave me a question or comment below and let's get the convo started about the benefits of adding Brazil nuts to our diet.

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